Gurpreet Sehra is a multidisciplinary artist who works in traditional and nontraditional media: painting, printmaking and video. In her work, she is interested in exploring conceptions of gender, as related to Sikh-Punjabi diasporic communities.



2012           M.F.A., Multidisciplinary, University of Manitoba
2009           Honours B.A., Art & Art History, Sociology, University of Toronto and Sheridan


2014           Presenter/Panelist, Sikholars Conference, Princeton University, Princeton
2014           Transart Institute Residency, Uferstudios, Berlin
2014           Summer Institute, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
2014           Presenter/Panelist, Sikholars Conference, Stanford University, Stanford
2011-2013  Administrative Assistant, MAWA, Winnipeg
2013           Transart Institute Residency, Supermarkt, Berlin
2013           Juror, Mosaic Women’s Film Project, Winnipeg Film Group, Winnipeg
2012-2013  Sessional Instructor-Art Now, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2013           Juror/Panelist, Timeraiser, Winnipeg
2012           Presenter/Panelist, Our Journeys Conference, The Sikh Feminist Research Institute (SAFAR), Vancouver
2012           Installation Assistant for John Armstrong, My Winnipeg: There’s No Place Like Home, Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
2012           Workshop Participant, Inflatable Robotics Arts in Canada with Chico MacMurtrie, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2012           Organizer, Artist Talk: Artist-Run Centres, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2012           Presenter/Panelist, Sikholars Conference, State University of California, San Francisco
2012           Master Class, Workshop with Huma Mulji, Mentoring Artist’s for Women’s Art (MAWA), Winnipeg
2011           Co-curator, International Film Series, South Asian Studies Forum, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2011           Speaker/Conference Organizer: Perspective on South Asia, South Asian Studies Forum, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2011           Archivist, Intermedia International, Winnipeg
2011           Instructor, Drawing Workshop, Community Arts Ontario, Toronto
2011           Sessional Instructor- Drawing 1, U. of Manitoba, Winnipeg
2010-2011  Teaching Assistant- Painting 1, U. Manitoba, Winnipeg
2010           Archival and Administrative Consultant, South Asian Visual Arts Centre (SAVAC), Toronto
2010           Installation Attendant, Luminato Festival of the Arts & Creativity, Toronto
2009           Community Outreach Coordinator, Climate Action Network, Toronto
2009           Community Art Mentorship, SAN, Toronto
2009           Art and Art History Program Archivist, Sheridan College, Oakville
2009           Blackwood Gallery Digital Exhibition Archivist, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga
2009           Art Instructor, Blackwood Gallery Running with Scissors Art Camp, Mississauga
2009           Art Instructor, Reidmount Saturday School, Mississauga
2007-2009  Exhibition Coordinator, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga
2005-2008  Teaching Assistant- Painting 1, Sheridan College, Oakville


2014           Intermezzo, Mila Kunstgalerie, Berlin
2014           Komagata Maru, Performance Works Theatre, Vancouver
2014           Library, Library Gallery, Winnipeg
2013           Under New Management, ODD Gallery, Dawson City
2013           MUBI, screening of ‘King Kong’,
2013           Images Festival, screening of ‘King Kong’, Toronto
2012           Trip the Light Fantastic, Zsa Zsa West, Winnipeg
2012           In Flux, School of Art Gallery, Winnipeg
2012           Nouvelle ‘Peg II, Gurevich Fine Art, Winnipeg
2012           IT’S A SMALL, SMALL WORLD, Family Business Gallery, New York
2011           much was decided before you were born … but not everything, Gallery One One One, Winnipeg
2011           CAFEX: Current Affairs Exchange, University of Toronto, Toronto
2011           Hot Time in the City, Art Barn, Winnipeg
2010           50 to 500, Urban Shaman Gallery, Winnipeg
2010           When Lions Roar II, Sikh Activist Network, Toronto
2010           Art School Dismissed: Teacher’s Pet, The Shaw Street School, Toronto
2010           She is Honour (Solo Show), Punjabi Daily Office, Mississauga
2009           Open Mic Night, Punjabi Community Health Services, Mississauga
2009           Remember ’84, York University, Toronto
2009           One Panth, Chandni Hall, Brampton
2009           A Journey to the Self and Back, Toronto East General Hospital, Toronto
2009           When Lions Roar, Sikh Activist Network, Toronto
2009           As Much As Possible, Minnow and Bass Gallery, Toronto
2009-2010  Chancellor’s Exhibition, University of Toronto Chancellor’s Office, Toronto
2009           Both/And: What is Beyond Multiculturalism?, University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto
2009           Didactic, Blackwood Gallery, Mississauga
2009           This That and The Other, Erindale Theatre, Mississauga
2008           Movement (Juried Show), The Production House, Toronto
2008           Naked Egg, Erindale Theatre, Mississauga
2007           Family, Sheridan Elderly Care and Research Facility, Oakville
2006           1st and 2nd Year Show, Sheridan Gallery, Oakville


2013           First Four (catalogue for In Flux), School of Art Gallery (U. of Manitoba)
2012           A Conference Like No Other, article on artist presentation, U. of British Columbia
2012           Reflections on Sikholars, article on artist presentation, State U. of California
2011           Gradzette, article and image reproduction
2011           Feminist and Queer (FAQ) Review V.3, publication of 3 images
2010           South Asian Focus, article on She is Honour
2010           Desi News Magazine, article on She is Honour
2010           Punjabi Daily Newspaper, review and articles on She is Honour
2006, 2009  Buff (catalogue), painting reproductions by Sheridan College
2008           Movement (catalogue), image reproduction/bio by Production House


2014           WITH ART Community Art Project, Winnipeg Arts Council, Winnipeg
2014-2015  Adsum Park Public Art Project, Winnipeg Arts Council, Winnipeg
2009-2011  unSAID Project, Peel Region, Toronto
2009           Project: Urban Canvas, Amnesty International (ongoing), Toronto
2009           Toronto General Hospital Mural Project 2, Toronto
2007           Toronto General Hospital Mural Project 1, Toronto
2005           Toronto Food Bank Project, Toronto


2015           Transart Institute Scholarship, Transart Institute
2014           Professional Development Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council
2013           Transart Institute Entry Scholarship, Transart Institute
2012           Creation/Production Grant in the Visual Arts C, Manitoba Arts Council
2012           Professional Development Grant, Winnipeg Arts Council
2012           Marvin and Irma Penn Scholarship in Fine Arts, U. of Manitoba
2012           James B. Hartman Scholarship in Fine Arts U. of Manitoba
2012           University of Manitoba Travel Award, U. of Manitoba
2011           Dr. Annie Smith Graduate Scholarship, Sheridan College
2009           Faculty Painting Award, Sheridan College
2009           Visual Discourse Award, Oakville Galleries
2009           A.G.P. Visual Art Award, Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives
2009           Best Overall Award, University of Toronto Art Centre
2008           Mural Award, Sheridan College
2008           Wolfitt’s Award, Sheridan College
2006           Stevenson and Son Painting Award, Sheridan College

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